Governor Scott Press Conference Notes 1.12.21

Innkeepers are a busy bunch. To save you time, VLA attends Governor Scott’s Covid-19 Press Conferences and takes notes for you. Below is the summary from 1.12.21

Vermont Lodging Association Member Update:
Governor Scott’s Covid-19 Press Conference 1.12.21

The Governor opened the press conference by reminding everyone that Vermont’s protocol is to vaccinate people 75+  first, and that is happening now.

Case reports:

  • There were 1,166 new cases in Vermont this week. To put our increases in perspective, Vermont has reported more cases over the last five days than its combined total of May through September. It appears to be due to a Christmas surge, and the state expects these numbers to increase.
  • Many of the states around us are experiencing the same increases as well. As of today, our hospitals still have the capacity to care for all who need treatment. We begin to max out at 380 patients/day.
  • While the new strain doesn’t appear to be in VT yet, it is reported to be 50% more contagious.

Vaccination Rates:

  • Vermont ranks 6th in the nation for vaccination rates.
  • We will continue to vaccinate older people and then those at high risk.
  • The state doesn’t have data on the number of people who are turning down the vaccine.
  • Dr. Levine is aware that there have been adverse reactions, and people have had to be transported to the ER. It is a small number compared with the numbers of people who have been vaccinated.
  • More details on the vaccination schedule will be shared on Friday.
  • It can take 6-8 weeks for full immunity to take effect from two doses.
  • Whichever vaccine you get, your booster needs to be from that same company.
  • Dr. Fauci believes that we need 70-90% of people vaccinated to reach herd immunity.


  • The first question from the press pertained to the call for State House protests this weekend. The Gov. called on people not to be “played” by those looking to destabilize democracy.
  • Governor Scott defended his position about calling on the President to resign. He said the President should be held accountable and had a hand in, if not played a major role, in the events last Wednesday.
  • Q-Anon has said that the President will declare Martial law and will Governor Scott abide by this?  The Governor was pushed to answer and finally said he didn’t want to play that game.
  • There was an  exchange between the Governor and a reporter from the NEK who was critical of the President’s position. He felt that Trump is being wrongly blamed for Wednesday’s attack. The Governor was clearly mustering patience in his response. He told the reporter to watch the impeachment hearings. The reporter responded with, “Good grief”.