Vaccine Allows Travel to Vermont: Covid VT Travel guidelines updated

Fully vaccinated people who travel to and from Vermont will no longer need to quarantine as of 2-23-21.

The following is posted directly from the Vermont Department of Health travel rules for vaccinated people that was issued on 2.19.21.

Gov. Phil Scott said at Friday’s press conference that fully vaccinated people who travel to and from Vermont will no longer need to quarantine, effective February 23.

Travelers must be able to prove they have been fully vaccinated, he said. Fully vaccinated means it’s been at least two weeks since your final dose.

Gov. Scott acknowledged there are many areas that will be impacted and questions to be answered.

“It’s important for Vermonters to know, we are currently working through how vaccinations can impact multi-household gatherings,” Gov. Scott said. “We’re also looking at returning to a ‘trusted household’ policy and we hope to have further updates next week.”

“This is encouraging news,” he added. “It means the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger and brighter. We’re one step closer to returning to more normal routines, and as more and more Vermonters receive their vaccine, and hospitalizations and fatalities continue to go down, and stay down — we’ll continue to be able to turn the spigot.”

Human Services Secretary Mike Smith also announced new guidance for long-term care facility residents effective February 26.

Facilities that have no COVID-19 outbreaks will be encouraged to use full vaccination status as a factor in planning for things such as eating together and participating in other group activities within guidelines. The guidance will also include considerations for safe physical contact and indoor visits.

Health Commissioner Mark Levine added: “We’re glad vaccination efforts have been so successful in these facilities that it can help residents feel safe, while making it possible have greater freedom and connection with others.”

See the full  vaccination quarantine guidance for Vermont.