Innkeepers are a busy bunch. To save you time, VLA attends Governor Scott’s Covid-19 Press Conferences and takes notes for you. Below is the summary from 4.6.21

Governor Phil Scott presented his re-opening plan today – Vermont Forward. The plan, based partly on vaccination progress, is a three step plan that leads to the lifting of all capacity restrictions on gatherings and events and the elimination of business restrictions on July 4th. Until then, universal guidance will apply to all sectors with the exclusion of education, health care, sports/organized sports and youth summer camps. Additionally, starting Friday, April 9, no quarantine is required for non-vaccinated people with a negative covid test within three days of arrival or return to Vermont.

View Vermont’s re-open plan: Vermont Forward: Roadmap to Reopening

• Governor Phil Scott:
o Will be laying out the roadmap for the next three months – Vermont Forward.
o Goal is to give Vermonters transparent look at how we’ll be working ourselves out of this.
o Meant to let non-profits, community organizers, families plan ahead.
o Key to getting there are vaccinations.
o 95% 65 and older have received 1 dose – cases and hospitalizations and deaths have dropped in this age group.
o Worked on plan over last few months, AHS, Dept. of Health. Based on vaccination progress. Date’s subject to change.
 Based partly on vaccination progress.
 Date’s subject to change.
 If don’t meet benchmarks in substantial way – will have to examine moving forward to next step. Will look at other metrics.
 Could also accelerate timeline if cases drop and vaccine supply increased.
o Receiving 7400 fewer doses this week. Reduction in J&J. More in May.
o Presentation to legislative leadership yesterday on governor’s plan for federal ARPA funds. To press later today.
• Secretary Lindsey Kurrle:
o Thanks to Vermont’s business community – you saved lives.
o Universal guidance – moves away from sector specific measures:
 Stay home if sick.
 Wear a mask.
 Maintain 6 foot guidance.
 Practice good hygiene.
 Know travel guidance.
• Group A – April 9 – low contact, short duration outdoor and controlled environments (outdoor businesses, fitness, farmers markets, retail, campgrounds) – Universal Guidance applies.
• Group B – May 1 – closer contact, longer duration (manufacturing, restaurants, social clubs, bars, salons, religious facilities and places of worship, indoor arts culture…). – Universal Guidance applies.
o Some businesses want to go further than universal guidance, or put specific and appropriate measures in place.
 Events and gatherings – Gathering size increases, universal guidance mandatory at events and gatherings until July 4. Hope to allow for some sort of high school and college graduations.
• Commissioner Mike Pieciak:
o Continued elevated case counts.
o Hospitalizations stable – deaths low.
o Highest weekly total to date – 41 more than last week.
o 27 year old median age.
o Rank fourth in terms of total doses administers.
• Secretary Mike Smith:
o Age 40+ eligible yesterday – 19500 people registered so far.
o BIPOC – 4600 made appointments.
o 231000 have received at least one dose.
• Commissioner Mark Levine:
o Variants causing more cases. P-1 variant case found in Vermont – a concern.
o (Levine lists top 10 reasons why vaccines are great including that safety profile has held up, ability to transmit is substantially reduced, variant strains handled well)
o CDC on travel – people fully vaccinated can travel safely within the United States. Should still follow recommendations including mask. 6 foot distance…International Travel – Fully vaccinated people don’t need to get test before they leave US, but should get tested before coming back to the US. Quarantine not required. But recommending against travel at this time due to rise in cases.