Innkeepers are a busy bunch. To save you time, VLA attends Governor Scott’s Covid-19 Press Conferences and takes notes for you. Below is the summary from 5.21.21.

Governor Scott announced at his press conference today that he would lift any remaining covid-related restrictions the day that 80% of eligible Vermonters are vaccinated. If we don’t reach 80% by July 4th, restrictions will be lifted anyways.

• Governor Scott:
o Vermont continues to be a national and global leader in vaccinations.
o Over 70% of population have received at least one dose – if we hit 80% – I will lift any remaining restrictions that day. Most states won’t come close to the number – but I think we can.
o Will need to vaccinate another 27954 Vermonters.
o People between age of 18-29 have lagged behind in vaccine rate.
o Restrictions will be dropped on July 4th no matter what.
o Could lift by June 8th if we continue current vaccination rate.
• Secretary Dan French:
o This week, hosted 73 school clinics across the state to vaccinate kids aged 12-15. Hope to distribute creamee coupons to school based clinics next week.
• Secretary Mike Smith
o More than 400K Vermonters vaccinated.
o Pop-up clinics at Church Street and other locations.
o Clinics at workplaces.
o Walk-ins at all locations.
o Distributing vaccine to primary care providers.
o Focusing again on vulnerable population.
o EMS clinics at 31 locations across state starting today. Will have J&J available (and you get a free creamee).
• Commissioner Levine
o Get vaccinated.
• Questions:
o We will be tracking rates and letting people know status so it won’t be a surprise if we hit 80% and lift restrictions.
o Veto of S97. we’re going too fast on the issue.
o Have been working with legislature re: budget. Won’t veto.
o No huge red flags on bills coming to Scott – but never know.
o Levine – Herd immunity is a tough number to nail – prefer to focus on benefit of vaccine. Let’s not focus on that so much… don’t know if it’d be 80 or 85%
o Don’t see a path where we’re going to be requiring the vaccine in K-12
o If restrictions lift – will students still need to mask up? French – we’re still working on it.