Innkeepers are a busy bunch. To save you time, VLA attends Governor Scott’s Covid-19 Press Conferences and takes notes for you. Below is the summary from 8.10.21.

Commissioner Pieciak said today that Vermont can expect increased Covid 19 case rates over the next three weeks before cases begin declining. Commissioner Levine added that about 2% of cases since January have been breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals, and that about 90% of virus samples tested were the Delta variant. Currently, 75% of hospitalized cases in Vermont are unvaccinated. The state is continuing a vaccination push by holding walk-in vaccination clinics across the state and at schools over the next few weeks.

Governor Scott praised Vermont businesses that are requiring employees to be vaccinated and said that the state will be requiring vaccinations for some employees in positions working with vulnerable populations.


  • Governor Scott:
    • This isn’t where we want to be – we’re going to be managing this for some time. But high vaccination rate is helping to dampen the impact of the Delta variant.
    • Applauds employers for requiring vaccine – think it’s a good idea. Certain state institutions will as well (including state hospital, correctional facilities…).
  • Commissioner Harrington:
    • Sept 4 – End of federal expanded unemployment benefit program. As of July 31st 14,900 Vermonters filing for benefits. Expanding hours of Job Center services. More than 8,000 jobs in VT Joblink.
  • Commissioner Pieciak:
    • Active case growth nationally – vaccination rate highest it’s been in two months.
    • Growth rate slowing down. Vermont growth rate has plateaued.
    • 84.6% of Vermonters have received at least one dose. 75% fully vaccinated.
    • Anticipate cases to grow in the next three weeks, then decline.
  • Secretary Smith:
    • (Lists walk-in clinics).
    • Increasing testing.
    • Vaccine clinics in schools starting this week for next two months.
  • Commissioner Levine:
    • Vaccines estimated to have saved 275k lives
    • 90% of cases in VT are Delta variant.
    • Some cases in vaccinated people. 2% of cases since January.
    • A little over 80k have not been vaccinated.
    • If you are not vaccinated – wear mask inside in public spaces.
  • Questions:
    • 100% of hospitalized covid patients are adults – 75% unvaccinated.
    • Mandatory vaccine requirement for some state employees will have some sort of “exit ramp.”
    • No need for State of Emergency at this time.
    • Scott – With mounting credible allegations, Cuomo made the right decision to resign.
    • Scott – We believe that there are jobs available in Vermont for those who want to work.
    • Scott – Frustration and lack of understanding about lack of info about US opening to Canada.
    • Question about low-flying C130 plans over the past few months.
    • Levine – Good data to show that good strength of vaccine still at 6 months. FDA on fast track to get full approval of vaccines around Labor Day. Then may have more information about booster shots. Waterbury outbreak – 24 cases.
    • Scott – Still think it’s a personal choice to wear mask inside if you’re vaccinated.
    • More than a year of supplies for testing.