Innkeepers are a busy bunch. To save you time, VLA attends Governor Scott’s Covid-19 Press Conferences and takes notes for you. Below is the summary from 11.9.21.

Department of Finance Commissioner Mike Pieciak reported today that there was a 42 percent increase in Vermont’s seven-day Covid case rate this past week. Modeling indicates that the case rate won’t decrease over the next four weeks. Governor Scott expressed concern that a strain on the hospital system is developing, with Covid and delayed care increasing ICU usage. He said that there are some days when there are only 10 ICU beds available in Vermont. The governor’s administration went on to stress the importance of mitigation measures such as indoor masking, but the governor still does not feel that a mask mandate would be an effective tool in reducing covid cases.


  • Governor Phil Scott:
    • VT has requested additional doses for kids 5-11 for next week. (Total of 9K)
    • FEMA reimbursement for Covid-related expenses, as well as National Guard costs under Title 32 until April 1.
    • 1/3 of Vermont kids have signed up for first dose through state system.
    • Vermont Association of Pediatrics holding forums the next couple of weeks for parents who want additional information on the vaccine.
    • Vermont still has one of the lowest hospitalization rates in the country – but there is a strain on our hospital system – especially ICU. Covid patients make up 10-15% of ICU right now. Have had days when there are only 10 ICU beds available in Vermont (other pressures on system – delayed care).
    • Cases high right now – take extra precautions – wear mask indoors, reduce gathering sizes, use tests.
  • Commissioner Mike Pieciak:
    • 7-day average increased 42%
    • 9% increase in testing
    • Happening most markedly in Northern New England
    • Non-vaccinated rate 3.7 times higher
    • Elevated cases in Bennington and Northeast Kingdom
    • 5-11 age group rate double that of adult rate
    • 63% of ICU hospitalizations are from non-vaccinated people
    • Cases not expected to go down in the next four weeks.
  • Secretary Mike Smith:
    • (details clinics for kids)
    • 188 school clinics that will be operating. Many pharmacies now offering vaccines for kids as well.
    • Hospitals having high patient census
    • Monoclonal antibodies – effective in treating Covid if you contract the virus. Encourage people to contact health care provider to get treatment if you are positive.
    • Encourages people to join Medical Reserve Corps
  • Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine:
    • Why are we seeing so many cases right now? Delta variant- incredibly contagious – faster than we can trace. Victim of our success – most Vermonters did not get Covid, and not many got immunity from getting it. So many people vaxxed early on – immunity likely waning (especially older Vermonters). We’re more mobile now.
    • Get booster as soon as you can. Get flu shot.
  • Questions:
    • Scott – “Let’s Go Brandon” is a derogatory statement against the President. Wouldn’t use it – but it’s something that the GOP is using – I take it personally and would not use it. It’s their choice. Think Paul Dame was right choice for the party though…
    • Vermont will be getting $2.2 billion from infrastructure bill – Scott – major portion will be roads and bridges. But also broadband, sewer, climate change – not sure what’s flexible and what’s not. Will be meeting with Senator Sanders to discuss the future. Our biggest challenge in Vermont is workforce … if we don’t have workforce to do the projects, then we’re in trouble. Need to focus on areas like housing. Still have ARPA funding to use.
    • Q – You and your administration are wearing masks today – last time that happened was during state of emergency… Scott – Well, we’ve been providing guidance to wear masks inside … small gatherings is really where transmission has been happening.
    • Smith – Heard some issues with people registering for booster – have to click on your vaccine history.
    • Will be testing and vaccinating on Thursday.
    • Levine – Have capacity for PCR tests. National testing strategy going into the future will be rapid antigen tests. Stay tuned on that.
    • Smith – Even when adverse weather policy is activated, may not have enough rooms for homeless. Looking for rooms everywhere – even unoccupied college dormitories.
    • Smith – Scrambling for personnel to help at the vaccination clinics.
    • Re: question on whether the governor wrestles with whether a mask mandate should be implemented. Scott – People who would wear mask with mandate already are.