Governor Scott’s Press Conference 6/21/22

Innkeepers are a busy bunch. To save you time, VLA attends Governor Scott’s press conferences and takes notes for you. Below is the summary from 6/21/22.

Governor Scott, administration officials, and legislators visited Vermont Precision Tools to review initiatives included in newly signed legislation aimed at supporting and growing the workforce in Vermont.


  • Commissioner Harrington:
    • S.11 takes steps to expand tools in our toolbox to achieve workforce goals.
    • Regional Workforce Expansion Pilot: $1.5 million. Place workforce specialists in three key areas for two years. If it works – will plant specialists in every region of the state in future years.
    • Expansion of work-based learning and training programs: $1.5 million to cover up to 12 weeks of wages for employee enrolled in approved learning experience. Ideal for those wanting to re-engage with the workforce.
  • Secretary Kurrle:
    • Need to recruit new workers to our state – Appropriations $3 million to worker re-location program. Largest investment in program to date. Details are still being worked out on eligibility.
    • Business coaching and training to BIPOC business owners – $250K.
  • Director of Health Care Reform, Ena Backus:
    • Health care workforce have been challenged in the pandemic – more nurses have left their jobs in past two years than any time in history.
    • S.11 – $10 million for health and human services workforce investment – scholarships, loan repayment opportunities for health care professionals.
    • New grant program encourages health and human services employers to expand or create partnerships with nursing programs to train members of existing staff to become higher level nursing professionals.
  • Scott Giles, VSAC:
    • Expansion of 802 Opportunity – Last year, any Vermonter coming from a family earning less than $50K, can attend CCV tuition- and fee-free. This year, will be available to families earning less than $75K.
    • Early Child Educators Scholarship: Service in exchange for each year of scholarship.
    • $3 million scholarship program – for nursing students committing to one year of service in Vermont.
    • Scholarships for training for nurse educators and mental health practitioners.
    • Program designed to retain graduates of Vermont higher education institutions – will give up to $5,000 in loan repayment for commitment to stay and work in Vermont (beginning with Class of 2023).
  • Questions:
    • $4 million for study on global hospital budgets – where are we with that and your thoughts?
      • Backus – $ for GMCB to look at several issues. Global budget consideration is part of broader work that GMCB and AHS has to do to in reform. All concerned with cost increases in health care. Have requested 1-year extension of contract with CMS for All Payer Model– they have offered 2-year extension.
    • Vaccines for children under 5 – clinic locations? Aren’t any in Chittenden.
      • Scott – Health Department is focusing on distribution to pediatrician offices and health centers (and maybe pharmacies).