Governor Scott’s Press Conference 6/28/22

Innkeepers are a busy bunch. To save you time, VLA attends Governor Scott’s press conferences and takes notes for you. Below is the summary from 6/28/22.

Governor Scott was joined by Transportation Secretary Flynn and the chairs of the legislative transportation committees to detail the projects that were funded by this year’s Transportation Bill. The bill spends $868 million on transportation-related projects across Vermont including $50 million on public transportation, $35 million on the rail program, $20 million on DMV IT modernization work, and $6.25 million on expansion of fast-charging stations for electric vehicles.


  • Governor Scott:
    • This year’s transportation budget is the largest ever – $868 million.15% more than 2020. Due largely to IIJIA – will allow for paving, construction, bridge work. Also investing millions in EV incentives, charging structures.
    • Public transportation – $50 million. Zero fare for local public transit.
    • $35 million for a rail program – a portion to extend Amtrak service – Burlington/Rutland/NYC.
    • $20 million will complete DMV IT modernization work.
    • Inflation is pushing costs of projects upwards – also workforce challenges. Need workforce.
  • Secretary Flynn:
    • Bridge program – will reduce backlog of repairs and replacements of historic bridges and other bridges at top of priority list. Requires no match – will fund 34 bridges across Vermont and save municipalities $8 million.
    • $6.25 million for expansion of fast charging for electric vehicles. Goal is to have a fast charger within one mile of every interstate interchange, and every 25 miles along Vermont state roads.
  • Sen. Dick Mazza:
    • Amtrak arriving in Burlington July 29.
    • Most exciting transportation bill.
  • Rep. Diane Lanpher:
    • Thanks legislators, staf,f and Joint Fiscal Office
    • Questions: (Difficult to hear questions as press event held outdoors next to a road)
      • Scott – Fuel prices will impact costs of projects and number of projects we’ll be able to accomplish … will have effect on our overall plan. Contractors that bid early will have effect on them.
      • Flynn – Paving program planning on covering 550 miles. Have not had a bidding contractor tell us yet that they can’t finish a project. Price adjustment for paving project.
      • Where are we in discussions about replacing the gas tax (as we switch to EVs)?
        • Scott – We’ve been talking about this for awhile. Currently taxed per gallon – as vehicles got more efficient, we started to think about it. Countrywide issue – will have to solve on the federal end… we’re going to have to come up with another mechanism for user fees…very real issue.
        • Mazza – Maybe fee on charging station.
        • Lanpher – World is changing and we need to change how we collect transportation fund dollars.
      • Scott – Have to make sure that we have the infrastructure to carry EV demand.
      • (Re: Sheriff being arrested) – Scott – Have been briefed, he will be in court today. Find out more later. Learned about it last night – that it was going to happen.
      • State doing enough to prevent trucks from getting stuck in the Notch (one stuck today)?
        • Scott – Navigation tools send them that way – very frustrating. Talked about a lot of different options, but I think we’re doing everything we can in educating the trucking industry – will be looking for different approaches. Surprised it didn’t happen before today.
      • Re: Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade – (and other potential issues such as gay marriage).
        • Scott – We should have seen this coming. Across the board, we should think about how this impacts Vermont. Obviously, we’re protected here by state law. Prop 5 will be voted on in November… but we should look at these other areas as well, we’ll have to face this and we’ll be working with the legislature.
          • Could that include additional constitutional proposals?
            • Scott – We’ll be talking with the legislature… it could but haven’t had any conversations about this at this time.
      • Any progress on determining who vandalized the State House?
        • Scott – We’ve offered assistance to the Capitol Police, but they’re handling this. I don’t have any updates.
      • Lt. Gov. Gray put out the only statement condemning that – is that unusual to only have one person making a statement?
        • Scott – Well, she did have one window taken out, so it did affect her personally. It’s a fine line here, we don’t want you to promote this bad behavior… we are open to public discourse, protests of any sort, we’re very tolerant in that regard, but we expect people to be respectful and civil and not to do any damage to the infrastructure they’re protesting on. Unacceptable from any side of the equation. We have proven we’ll give latitude in terms of free speech, but not in terms of damage to public infrastructure.